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Round School Buongiorno

"Buongiorno", Hello for the the staff, Hale, Hannah, Carolyn, Whitney, at the Community Childhood Leaning Place, an early learning and care center serving children and families on the coast of Maine.

The Community Childhood Learning Place is a year round, full-day early learning and care program serving children, three-months to kindergarten, including after school programing for school-aged children, that recognizes the rich potential of each child physically, cognitively, and emotionally through child-centered, play-based discovery learning while valuing the contribution of family interaction, community involvement, and the importance of engaging teachers well-grounded in child development, learning philosophies, and wellness principles. The curriculum will use the Reggio Emilia Approach and the Maine Early Learning Standards as guideposts..


Stay tuned for weekly updates from our teachers as to the exciting activities the children are doing at CCLP

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